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Monday, 17 March 2014

Plans for 2014

This year we'll cruise Australia. The plan is to go north and spend time in the Barrier Reef, visiting many of the islands probably not further North than Townsville..

Cyclone season is coming to an end but for a while Zenitude will stay on the boatyard in Gold Coast City Marina, out of the water, while we finish all that needs to be done on the dry (quite a long list) and then on the water in a marina berth while we finish all that can (or must) be done on the water, so I don't see us leaving the marina any time soon. It seems that we'll spend the whole month of April at it.

A world class shipyard and marina

We'll report progress here, chances are it will all translate to a long list of whinges and complains as soon as we start work in a couple of weeks.

For now all is good with Zenitude's crew.