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Thursday, 28 June 2018

Back on board and ready to head north

We are back from our land travels and after almost a month getting Zenitude ready we are about to start our way up north towards Townsville and eventually Cairns.

The main project this time was the installation of new solar panels. After a good analysis we decided that new and more powerful solar panels would be better than getting a new wind generator, these have given us enough problems already and we feel like giving up on them. We have to wait and see how we go with power this season. 

But most of our time was spent refitting everything we removed to prevent damage if a cyclone hit during our time away. Incredible how much work that was, not surprising though, always when you do work on a boat new tasks that usually can't wait, somehow appear. For example, after removing everything that had been stored in the guest head (bimini, jib, etc.) I found a hatch handle on the floor, sure enough one of the small hatches had given up. This meant another week while waiting for a replacement hatch to arrive. The last big job, when we thought  we were done and were getting the main sail ready again, we found the sail bag needed patch up, the Velcro that keeps it shut had almost completed disintegrated and needed replacement. This plus other bit and pieces took 3 extra days of sewing. Sail bag is now ready but we have been waiting for several days to get a brake in the wind so that we can put it back in place.

Going back on the water

Going down and into a marina berth with perfect weather while we work ...

Finally it seems we are ready, just waiting for the miserable weather to give us a break so we can set sail and get on our way.

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